Cooking Dash

In Cooking Dash, Flo returns to cook dishes instead of serve them. When Cookie the Chef leaves Flo`s Diner to pursue a career on a popular reality cooking TV show, there is a shortage of chefs in DinerTown as Cookie invites them all to appear as guest stars. Flo, with her grandmother, help out at all four DinerTown restaurants and ends up hosting with Cookie on a Hollywood set of Flo`s Diner!

  • Cook a variety of food
  • Cool new upgrades to earn
  • 3D rendered characters

Cooking Dash screenshots.
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Cooking Dash screenshot
Cooking Dash screenshot
Cooking Dash screenshot

Cooking Dash is free to download and play. After you download Cooking Dash you have 1 trial hour to decide whether you like it or not. You can buy Cooking Dash online right away, instantly and securely.

Help your favorite waitress, Flo, cook and run restaurants after Cookie the Chef leaves to become a cooking celebrity!

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